Q: Why decorative concrete as opposed to traditional décor?

A: Decorative concrete is unique and different from any traditional décor. It provides options that simply are not available elsewhere. You, with the help of our team, can design your own sinks, counters, tables, floors, etc.

Q: How many colors, stamp, designs, stencils, and form shapes are available?

A: Your imagination is the limit. Stain colors can be mixed and matched to produce various effects. Shapes, sizes, designs, and stenciling can all be customized for each individual item.

Q: What makes World Concrete a step above competition even on non-decorative driveways and sidewalks?

A: World Concrete is service-focused and does the job right. We work to please and produce quality concrete. We are on time to job sites and stick with deadlines. World Concrete is the company to go with for easy-to-work-with staff and products that last.

Q: What services does World Concrete provide for flat work (driveways, sidewalks, patios, etc)?

A: We grade, form, pour, and finish. In other words, we’ll do the job from beginning to end.

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